Multidisciplinary Capstone Ė Week 3 Assignment

Conduct an Interview

STEP 1 - Conduct a single interview with a field expert in one of your chosen disciplines (e.g., communications, government, psychology, etc.)


Rules for interviewing a field expert


DO ask your expert about procedures, processes, or rules.

DONíT ask your expert about their personal experience in their position.


DO ask your expert two or three concise questions relevant to your research.

DONíT ask your expert more than five questions.


DO conduct your interview in person, through email, or over the phone with permission.

DONíT conduct your interview without your expertís permission to use their information in your research.


DO collect information from your expert to answer factual questions.

DONíT collect personal data from your expert (e.g. opinions, ideas, or feelings).


STEP 2 - Write and submit a 2-3-page APA formatted paper to include the following headings:


Introduce the subject of your interview in-text, describing his or her qualifications, background and why he or she is qualified to answer your questions.



††††††††† Describe how you contacted, got permission, and conducted the interview with the field expert. List the questions you asked?



Summarize the interview in paragraph form.What were the answers to your questions?Be sure to quote, paraphrase, and summarize your source (see examples below).



Discuss how the interview information will help you with your research paper. What do you think you will be able to apply and how?





Note: APA does not require a reference for personal interviews, but you must provide an in-text citation for the source in your paper when you use their information.


Paraphrase Example:

Captain Smith stated in a phone interview March 4, 2014 that the procedures in the juvenile law enforcement change frequently.


Quote Example:

ďProcedures are reviewed and revised every six months in the juvenile criminal justice departmentĒ (J. Smith, personal communication, March 4, 2014).

Good luck!