Technical Writing Week 6 Assignment


The purpose of the proposal is to present a solution to the problem you identified early in our course. Building off of our previous assignments, especially the feasibility report, the proposal offers a solution to an identified problem, and attempts to persuade readers to accept a particular course of action.



RESEARCH: A minimum of five (5) credible sources are required


         6-8 pages (does not include memo, title page, table of contents, list of figures, or references page)

         Double-spaced (although proposals are sometimes single-spaced, this course will utilize double-spacing for the sake of consistency)

         Times New Roman, 12 pt. font

         1 inch margins

         Page numbers

         In-text citations and references page in APA format

         A minimum of two (2) visual aids (at least one (1) table, graph, flow chart, timeline, or illustration created by student, and one (1) that can be inserted from a source with appropriate APA reference)


View your assignment rubric.