Business Statistics – Week #6 Assignment

Week 6 Project Assignment

For these project assignments throughout the course you will need to reference the data in the ROI Excel spreadsheet. Download it here.

Using the ROI data set:

·         For each of the 2 majors test the hypothesis at the 5% significance level:

·         The mean ‘Cost’ for a college is $160,000. Be sure to interpret your results.

·         For Business versus Engineering majors conduct a two sample test of the hypothesis at the 10% significance level (assume the variances are not equal):

·         The average ’30-Year ROI’ for Business majors is less than for Engineering Majors.  Be sure to interpret your results.


Grading Criteria Assignments

Maximum Points

Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria


Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts


Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts


Uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling




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