21 Synectics Steps Cheat Sheet

In order to solve problems, we must be able to generate ideas. This is your chance to be creative!

  1. Subtract – What can I omit or take away from it?

  2. Repeat – How can I echo, restate or duplicate it?

  3. Combine – What else can I connect to it?

  4. Add – How can I expand or augment it?

  5. Transfer – How can it be relocated or dislocated?

  6. Animate – How can I mobilize it?

  7. Empathize – How can I relate to it?

  8. Superimpose – How can overlap or overlay to create a new it?

  9. Substitute – What could I switch with or in it?

  10. Change Scale – How can I change the size?

  11. Fragment – How can I split it up?

  12. Isolate – How can I crop or focus it?

  13. Distort – How can I misshape it?

  14. Contradict – How can I use reversal to change it?

  15. Disguise – How can I hide or mask it into another frame of reference?

  16. Parody – How can I make fun of it? i.e. comic, joke, irony

  17. Prevaricate – How can I present this to be interpreted as something else?

  18. Metamorphose – How can I change it? i.e., color, size,


  19. Hybridize – What would you get if you crossed this with that?

  20. Mythologize – How can I transform this into an iconic figure?

  21. Fantasize – What if this was supersized? What if logistics was life or death?